Weight Management Planning: 4 Tips for Success

Weight Management Plan: 4 Tips for Success

“Devise a plan…or plan to fail”, have you heard that statement before? Well if not, it’s probably because we just made it up! Either way, what is not made up is the accuracy of this statement. Without a plan, you increase the likelihood of failure drastically.

A weight management plan improves the success rate because you can track your progress, make the least errors trying to figure out how to accomplish your goal and you’re also able to focus on weight and health much more effectively.

So, what are some things to consider when composing your weight management plan? First, it should be understood that weight management planning should always include the consulting and approval of your weight loss doctor to prevent any injury to your health. Don’t have a weight loss doctor? Let us help you find a weight loss doctor with our free Weight Loss Doc Finder tool.

Without further to do, here are some quick weight management tips for success.

#1 Manage your Time: 30-minute workout

One of the biggest reason people say they cannot lose weight is because they don’t have time to exercise. 30-minute workouts before or after work and even on lunch breaks can actually be very effective if you’re wise with your time.

Quick Tip: Eliminate unilateral movement exercises, that work only one side of the body. These exercises cause you to increase your gym time since you’re focusing on one area at a time. For example, single arm curls can be traded for bilateral dumbbell curls and double leg press can be done in place of one-at-a-time leg extensions for maximum workout potential.

Understanding the time you have available for exercising in the beginning stages of weight loss planning helps you to avoid wasting precious workout time in the gym.

#2 Fall in Love with the Process The Buddy System

Whether it is specific equipment or a certain workout class you’re interested in, be sure that it is the best option for achieving your goal and is also something that you will look forward to doing.

Quick Tip: Consider bringing along an upbeat workout partner to make exercising more fun. There is nothing worse than boredom to discourage you from continuing the work you need to do to accomplish your goal. Your workout partner can be a source of encouragement and motivation especially during times when you want to give up.

#3 Find Ways to Relieve Stress Yoga & Meditation

Life happens right…Well, it doesn’t have to happen at the cost of your weight loss success. Major life events and other distractions are likely to cause you to shift your focus from time to time but dusting yourself off and getting back up and onto the path of a healthier you is still possible when you are focused.

Quick Tip: When going through a tough time have an outlet, a way to relieve stress in the easiest way possible. Meditation can be the least time-consuming way to decrease stress. Even a 20-minute break to rest and practice breathing techniques can help to alleviate high stress.

Another option is to find out if your gym offers Yoga classes. Yoga can help you not only reduce stress but it is also a great way to improve flexibility, balance and can be used in place of exercise on days when you just don’t have the energy to do intense workout routines.

#4 Make Meaningful Progress Achieving goals & Health Maintenance

You may be excited your weight management planning and finally beginning to work toward achieving your weight loss goals. However, remember that not all progress is “good progress”. The numbers on the scale may be decreasing but if you’re not careful so could your overall good health.

Quick Tip: Managing both health and weight can be done simultaneously with a Doctor Supervised Weight Loss program. These programs are designed to empower individuals through a network of highly skilled physicians whose average patients weight loss is 25-40 pounds in the first 40 days.

Weight loss doctors assist patients in the management of existing conditions that can be affected by weight loss or gain. This solution allows you to ensure better long-term success by placing your health in the trusting hands of your doctor so that you can not only look good but also feel good and while remaining healthy.

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