Do medically supervised diets work

Do medically supervised diets work

What are medically supervised diets?

Like many people who desperately seek out options for losing weight and keeping it off, the thought of a medically supervised diet plan may have crossed your mind. But, do medically supervised diets work for people who are obese?

The easy answer is…Yes, IF… and that’s a serious “if”, you are ready to fight the battle of the bulge and make the minimal lifestyle changes to lose the weight and keep it off. The support of your physician can make incorporating these changes into your life extremely easy due to the accountability aspect of these programs. You’re not longer the only one rooting for you, you will have a team on your side throughout your weight loss journey.

How do medically supervised diets work?
These programs are implemented by your physician and is designed to fit your weight loss needs and goals. Doctors take into consideration your weight and the current state of your health to evaluate your risks for a rapid weight loss programs. Specifically, since rapid weight loss can affect the body in many different ways, positively and negatively but with doctor supervision, negative effects are limited, if not eliminated.

Medically supervised weight loss programs are a healthy, sustainable weight loss solution for people of various weights because of the natural herbs that are a part of the diet plans that are used in these programs. Participants achieve 70% of their weight loss in the first 21 days.

Who qualifies for these programs?
Anyone who is substantially overweight can typically qualify as a candidate for a medically supervised weight loss program. In fact before you consider any type of weight loss surgery, be advised that most insurance companies require that you undergo treatment through a qualified weight loss program before the carrier will pay for any weight loss surgery. Partly because of the rapid weight loss, these programs can be the alternative, and is currently used to prevent the need for bariatric surgery.

How do you find out more and/or enroll?
Getting started on a medically supervised diet is as easy as finding a qualified physician who can implement the program.

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